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Traditional Chinese fantasy writer ant part-time housewife in Taiwan.
This blog is for my English practice. Official TC blog at http://urochordate.com
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A small suite for rent. Single people or collage students in Taiwan often live in a suite like this.

My husband loves to play with Dirty, our lovebird. The image of a small lovebird resting in a big one’s hand is very interesting and cute for me, especially after he pretend to go punish her for her bad attitude. 

Lovebird playing wooden dummy.

Her name is Dirty. She loves to bite paper and feather of herself. (Look at her shoulder. There some of her feather are lost.) We are worried for this behavior and tried some ways to stop it. None of them worked for long.

"Once upon a time" is a table game about story telling (not the TV series with the same name). Here we use its keyword cards to create some short stories, and order them by days. My husband and I will use the same keywords in stories with the same day number.

The goal is to finish 100 stories each of us.

The rule is to write a flash fiction in 150 characters, including the punctuations. My work is about a computer game player who locked himself/herself in the room.

Since the contest is over, I can post my work now at http://urochordate.com/writing/short/_150.html .

This is a really cool function!

It is easy to apply for someone who already using CSS for web design. I wish I found this function earlier.

One of our result: a small but tasty zongzi! Picture by Vampraths. This one has only a piece of fresh meat inside. We also made some with meat as well as mushroom, salted yolk and chestnut.

Materials for making zongzi

(Photo by Miau, one of my guest in this activity.) 

Last weekend we invited several friends for making zongzi. It is for the Duanwu Festival. Though people nowadays actually go market or store to buy some, this activity is still fun for us.

We prepared the material for both saltish ones and sweet ones. The full record for the preparation is at http://urochordate.com/lab/recipe/2.html (in Traditional Chinese).